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AIM Insurance

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AIM Insurance

3077 New Street
Suite 301
Burlington, ON    L7N 1M6

“AIM Insurance is a 100% family owned and operated insurance brokerage. Our headquarters is located in Burlington, Ontario, with offices in Brampton and Dunnville, with many more to follow. We’re a full-service insurance brokerage offering a suite of programs and products from Life, Group, and Personal insurance to large-scale commercial operations. Our clients are our neighbors, friends, and family. We AIM to be your Broker of Choice. We offer unmatched experience, dedication, knowledge, and service to all of our customers. I will go above and beyond to fight for the very best coverage, claim representation, and rates for our customers without offering less coverage than what you already have. I’ll never say no, if I can help it. I’ll do my best to find coverage for your unique situation, no matter how uncommon it may be. And I provide my staff the support they need to deliver that same level of service and commitment” That is something I promise you.


Dan R. Avon